IT’s Alive!

It’s alive! It’s ALIVE! IT’S A-A-LIVE!! Bwahahahaha-ha!!! And now IT’s the target of righteous villagers everywhere bearing torches and pitchforks….

Information Technology (IT) services are boring but necessary. IT is a dry subject for industry outsiders, but competitively cut-throat among self-important cognoscenti.

What follows should be a light and sometimes humorous discussion of enterprise transformation practices (!) while delivering solid ideas for business leaders choosing new directions. So jump the creative spark with me to make better things for better reasons!


About Jump the Spark!

Torix Corporation provides business transformation services * IT Consulting - Requirements Definition - Process Design - Project Planning - Project Management * Design - Software Design - Graphic Design * Innovation - Personnel Empowerment - Change Integration - Consensus Management - Novel Solutions View all posts by Jump the Spark!

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